Rigorous assessment of options

Delivering breakthroughs in performance

While we started as an advanced modeling and analytics MIT spin-off, today we are also a strategy and operations consulting firm that works across the spectrum – from developing innovative new strategies with rigorous analysis and fresh insight through to helping clients execute on strategies to achieve significant, sustained results.

We work closely with our clients to design and implement the most effective and efficient operating models, organizational architecture, processes, and management systems to ensure successful strategy execution and delivery of business imperatives to maximize value creation. We have collaborated with hundreds of commercial and government entities to guide and drive them through the transformation, creating highly innovative, competitive, and performance focused enterprises with the ability to continuously improve. In this process we strive to achieve four fundamental outcomes for our clients:

  • Deliver significant improvements in performance
  • Share best practices and information across the enterprise
  • Create culture of continuous improvement
  • Ensure organizational capability to sustain changes

To support the above outcomes, we track results achieved for each client engagement. To demonstrate our commitment, we often structure engagements with our fees tied to the quantifiable value created.

Our team has leading-edge capabilities in prioritizing and leading systemic improvements, driving high performance, installing enterprise continuous improvement cultures, engineering and supply chain optimization, Manufacturing 4.0, and organizational and enterprise transformation.

Let's move forward together