Our team conducts rigorous analysis of a broad range of complex aerospace, defense, and security issues to identify the best options to achieve strategic goals.

Our analyses integrate and leverage quantitative data, qualitative information, and expert insight to support planning, assessment, and investment prioritization for our clients.

Our Strategic Analysis capability is comprised of highly analytical methodologies, toolsets, and solutions that are both flexible and fit-for-purpose. These toolkits, combined with our highly qualified and experienced consultants, enables PA Aerospace & Defense to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Attributes of our approach include:

We integrate a wide range of data and information using metrics, data, and other reporting information to get a ‘rich picture’

We capture key drivers of performance, including ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ factors driving outcomes in complex operating environments

Our methodology reflects real world issues and behavior capturing often ignored feedback delays, non-linear responses, resource constraints, and other factors

We cross-check and validate assumptions, understanding that no data source is perfect, and past experience, databases from other projects, and logic are important cross-checks

Our methodology enables rapid execution of ‘what-if analysis’ using a rigorous simulation capability with diagnostics to explain behavior and logic driving results

Our team’s data scientists, management consultants, and technology professionals are strong strategic thinkers and subject matter experts in their respective fields. They weave together advanced analytics approaches spanning strategy, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, System Dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, and Scenario Planning to work with clients to solve their complex challenges that are often too difficult for other firms to engage. We use Agile and DevOps methodologies to flexibly deliver value through solution engineering, analysis, visualizations, strategic recommendations, and robust, scalable tools.

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